After a decade of science teaching, Max March-Steinman (he/him) shifted careers to pursue circus arts. Specializing in aerial straps, Chinese pole, and handstands, he brings an analytical perspective to training. He’s earned certification from the NSCA as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, AFAA in Personal Training and Group Exercise Training, and is a USA Track and Field Level 2 Coach, consulting nationally on movement. As a coach, he has worked with athletes around the world, and dedicates himself to a rigorous, scientific approach to training. Whether instructing one-one-one or in group workshops, Max brings a cross disciplinary expertise to his work to make student athletes feel safe in their practice and empowered in their progress. His focus is on functional movement, empowering clients to move fluidly and pain free. Because of this approach, he’s nurtured success in elite athletes of various disciplines, including circus arts, but also in track and field, basketball, rock climbing, CrossFit, and tennis, among others.

Max (or Bowties) has taught workshops at circus schools across the country, taught digital seminars for coaches of all types, and creates custom programs to meet any athletes’ needs. His aerial style marries athleticism and comedy, and aims to bring traditional clowning into the air. Max has performed in venues across the United States and internationally online.

For Booking inquiries, send a message to Booking@bowtie.training and for training inquiries, please fill out the following Intake Form

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