E-Manual: Couch to Aerial Fitness

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An online guide created in collaboration with Aaron Koz (@circkoz) and Bethany Shao (@sirbethany) enabling readers to build customized 12 week at-home circus programs to meet their fitness goals.

This “From Couch To Aerial Fitness” e-manual contains 100+ different exercise videos, recommendations for how to program your training, and programs designed to fit into your lifestyle. Whether you’re on a “5 days a week” schedule or a “2 day a week schedule,” the program is built to be a “choose your own adventure.” In other words, it is made to accommodate when LIFE HAPPENS.

With workouts focusing on inversions, handstands, active flexibility, c-shaping, and more, there are recommendations for how to progress each movement and workout over time using science-based “progressive overload” principles. Pretty much all you’ll need is something to hang from, flat surfaces, perhaps some resistance bands, and a heavy backpack!

Pricing is on a sliding scale, and proceeds from sales will go to making new content as well as donations to City Harvest and The Trevor Project.

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5 reviews for E-Manual: Couch to Aerial Fitness

  1. Chiara (verified owner)

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

  3. Kimberly G. (verified owner)

    This is such a great resource! I am 3 workouts in and I love the fact that I’ve got a conditioning plan for the next 12 weeks. And – I can tell already that some of these exercises are strengthening muscles that I need for aerial that I have not been focusing on. Looking forward to the 12 week journey and can’t wait to see the gains I’m sure to make on this program!

  4. Vicki March (verified owner)

  5. Julia (verified owner)

    perfectly explained and illustrated with videos😍definitely will recommend to my aerial friends!

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